My Story

Hello! I'm Rosalind, the founder and maker of Olivia Michael Candle Co.

In 2019 I was feeling a little lost on the path I was taking in life, and after a big heart-to-heart with my husband, he asked me if there was something I had always wanted to do, or learn. What immediately came to mind was; yes, I'd always been curious about making my own scented home products, and given the chance I would love to do so. We set about learning what was needed for this magnificent craft and the journey began.

Like every journey, there are some potholes in the road. But after some incredible therapy my creativity suddenly came alive! I was so inspired and determined to keep going and I patiently tested and tested, and committed myself to see where this could go. 

And here we are. 

I've always loved the power of scent, how it can change your mood or instantly take you back to a certain memory. Having grown up by the coast and having access to forests and the South Downs I wanted to create a range that reflects my passion for nature, and bring a little elegance into it too. 

I hand-pour every product in small batches in my home in Sussex. I have dreams for the future and hope to expand my ranges in time. 

None of this would have been possible without the support and motivation of my wonderful husband. He's put endless amounts of effort into the technical side of this business for me, built this fantastic website and put up with me and the fact that all I can talk about these days is candles! 

So whether you love to relax alongside the flicker and glow of a candle in an evening, or fill your room with fragrance in the daytime, I hope you can find something you love in amongst my store.

Don't hesitate to get in touch,

Rosalind x

Founder, Rosalind on a sandy beach with her Golden Retriever, Percy